There is a problem with sh404sef and zoo.
I have several zoo items called in various pages accessible from menus (so have different Itemid). Among these zoo items some are also called on the home page (which is a menu item with id 800 of a "hidden" menu that we do not visualize on the frontend) through the zooitempro module. The link to the item is recalled with the zoo route $this->app->route->item($this->_item). The non-sef url generated is index.php?option=com_zoo&Itemid=763&item_id=289&lang=IT&task=item, where Itemid 763 is the item menu zoo category of the maincategory of the item. The problem is that the sh404sef component does not add this url to the duplicates of other urls of the same item, so have the same item_id where I have already set the default non-sef like: index.php?option=com_zoo&itemid=256&item_id=289&lang=IT&task=item. This generates a sef-url it/item/[alias-item] and when click there is a redirect 301.
I need zoo items to be united as duplicated.
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