The http://www.spindleswoodturning.com/ website I'm writing about cost £3000, but the developer called Joint Plan closed the company without giving me licenses for all my extension products.

I have the sh404sef extension included in the Joomla site. I have just updated Joomla and all the extensions but the contact form is not working because of sh404sef and there is no sh404sef update being offered. The sh404sef extension has already been paid for. Do you know why it's now breaking the contact form. I would be most grateful if you could help. Thanks, Daniel

These are the error messages when the form at http://www.spindleswoodturning.com/about-spindles-woodturning-the-spindle-specialists is posted

Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/spindleswoodturn/public_html/components/com_sh404sef/shSec.php on line 108

Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/spindleswoodturn/public_html/components/com_sh404sef/shSec.php on line 111

Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/spindleswoodturn/public_html/components/com_sh404sef/shSec.php on line 114

Notice: Array to string conversion in /home/spindleswoodturn/public_html/components/com_sh404sef/shSec.php on line 117
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    Monday, May 21 2018, 12:52 PM - #Permalink

    I am sorry that your provider let you down. You did not lost any "licence" with us however, as your site dates back from 2014 and you're running an sh404SEF from early 2013. All our subscriptions have a duration of one year, so whichever subscription was used at the time expired long ago.

    Also please note that due to the nature of the GPL license used for all our products and throughout the Joomla extensions ecosystem, your provider may not have purchased a subscription for you specifically, but just used their own subscription to access the download.

    Moving forward, I would suggest you get a new subscription if you want to update your sh404SEF version to the current one. Considering you are also using an outdated version of Joomla, that has multiple security vulnerabilities, it may be safer however to consider updating Joomla itself first and foremost - and check prior to doing that that any extension you use is compatible with the current Joomla version (3.8.7).

    As for the error messages you provide above, they actually are not errors but simply notices. It's unlikely they would cause a blank page as you experience. The page is actually not blank:

    which means the processing has started.

    To better understand the problem I would suggest the following:

    1 - Go to Joomla configuration and set:

    - Gzip to No
    - Error reporting to "Maximum"

    This should give you an actual error message and possibly give a good clue on what's happening.

    2 - The messages you provide comes from the security features in sh404SEF. You can easily disable them on sh404SEF main control panel:


    Just set "Enable security functions" to No and the messages should go away. But maybe not the actual problem, wherever it comes from.

    Best regards
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