what could be the reason of amps redirecting to canonical (on both desktops and mobiles)?
if we force amps on mobiles (via plugin settings), they work fine and no redirects take place, once we turn it off, redirects come back and there is no way to see the amp, as it redirects to original article. they even get in SE indexes with 301 status!
are we the only ones having that sort of a problem?
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    Friday, April 19 2019, 06:12 PM - #Permalink

    This is not something wbAMP (or sh404SEF for that matter) would do. I would suggest you check :
    - your .htaccess
    - extensions you are using: they may not like the fact that the same page exists at a different URL and redirect to the canonical
    - disable any extension you may have related to SEO, sitemap and redirects of course

    Again, that's not something wbAMP can do.

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    Friday, April 19 2019, 06:29 PM - #Permalink
    thank you very much for the hint!
    it was JL No Doubles plugin (just in case anyone else having the same problem).
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