Single page translations overview

What's the most difficult part in translating a Joomla! site content - aside from actually translating?

Knowing what has already been translated, what's left to translate and then access that content: article, modules, menu items, ... It means translators must have access to the site back-end or, more often, that translating involves a lot of cut and paste between files. Files which are usually sent back and forth by email. Now, that is a really labor-intensive and error-prone process.

With Josetta, translators are selectively given access on the front-end to a dashboard, showing each piece of content they have to work on:

From there translators can easily access each translation, without any prior knowledge of Joomla! Administrator can decide which language should be shown to each translator

Everyone can follow progression, with simple indicators:

Josetta translation status OK

In addition, whenever an original language translation is updated, its status changes to inform translators:

Josetta translation status Need update